North Shore Separation Lawyer For Matrimonial Property

North Shore Separation Lawyer

Top Reasons Why You Need A North Shore Separation Lawyer


If you are going through a divorce, the services of a family law lawyer are important. Divorces can be messy and difficult. A lawyer is even more important if you cannot agree with your partner on the need for separation. This article will discuss the top reasons why you need a North Shore separation lawyer during the separation process.


The process of getting a marital separation can be complicated and are generally highly emotive times for all parties involved. However, an experienced separation lawyer will understand all the legal challenges to be handled during this process. A good lawyer can also help you navigate the emotional and often vengeful actions that people want to follow. The lawyer will explain to you what you can and cannot do when going through a separation.

North Shore Separation Lawyer For Relationship Property

During separation, both parties have to agree on how the property they have accrued during their marriage has to be shared. In New Zealand at the moment, relationship property that has been accrued during the time of the relationship, is usually deemed to be split equally. There may be some differences for example if a pre-nup has been agreed beforehand. However, it is often the case that one party will try to claim they are due more than half of the combined estate and without a lawyer, you can end up getting short-changed during the division of assets.


A lawyer can also help you in arguing for successful custody of your children during the separation process. A lawyer will advise you on the steps that you can take to make the court agree to give you custody of the children.


A separation lawyer can also help you argue for financial support while the separation is being made official. For example, if the other party is the main breadwinner, they can be expected to maintain support payments, especially if children are involved.


North Shore Separation LawyerThere are times when you may need to get a restraining order during separation especially if you were in a union with an abusive partner. Getting a restraining order can be daunting since you have to prove that you need one. A proficient lawyer, might convince the court to grant you and your children protection from an abusive partner.


A lawyer will also offer you practical advice during the separation process. Separation can end up being messy and long if it is not handled properly. A lawyer in the past will have useful tips on some of the most complex situations that may arise during the separation process. The advice from an experienced separation lawyer can make the separation more bearable to you and other people involved in the process.


If you are going through a difficult situation like this, look for an experienced North Shore separation lawyer. McVeagh Fleming has a team of lawyers who can provide sympathetic but practical advice.

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