Manukau Property Lawyer For Buying Or Selling Real Estate

Buying your home

Manukau Property Lawyers Ensure That Your House Purchase Is Completely Legal

A house purchase requires the layout of substantial sums of money both as a deposit and fees associated with the transaction. In most cases, people will also assume the obligation of loans through mortgages. It is important, therefore, to ensure that whatever transactions are carried out and agreements and other documents signed, follow the full processes of the laws for house purchases in the South Auckland area.  The best way to do this is to consult a Manukau property lawyer.


Some people may be tempted to carry out the legal work (the conveyancing) on their own. However, there are many potential pitfalls as the documentation associated with a house purchase is many and varied. Further, since buying a house is a massive commitment, it is imperative that all the documents are clearly understood. Do not commit you to something untoward. Therefore, it makes sense to hire a qualified Manukau property lawyer to carry out the conveyancing of your new home.

Documents In A House Purchase

The Contract

Buying your homeThe main document is the Sale and Purchase Agreement otherwise known as the contract.  In NZ most transactions use contracts from a range of agreed providers rather than a lawyer drawing up a unique contract for each transaction. These include the Auckland District Law Society. This means that the clauses in the contract are common to all purchases. However, there will be some small variations and of course specific details.

It’s In The Detail

Those details include the agreed price, the settlement date and possibly other conditions such as a acceptable Builder’s Report on the assessment of the building itself.

The lawyer will also check to see what restrictions there are on the property. This may include constraints on building extensions, alterations and change of use.

It is no longer possible to use a vague finance condition as a way to back out of a purchase.

LIM and Council Documents

Other documents include a LIM report from the local council, and verifying that the current owner has paid the council rates prior to the settlement. The lawyer will also work out the new owner’s share of the current rates bill.


A mortgage deed will also be necessary but that will be provided by the bank or lender. It is unlikely that a buyer will be able to make any changes to the mortgage deed. However, your lawyer will make sure that you understand your obligations under the mortgage. This will include any potential costs for failing to stick to your commitment over the next 25 to 30 years of the life of the mortgage.

After a deal is finalised, the lawyer will handle all the monetary transactions. This includes receiving and holding your deposit in a trust account. They will receive the mortgage funds from the lender and transfer them to the lawyer for the vendor.

Title Deed

The Title Deed appears twice in a sale.

First, your lawyer will verify that vendor is the actual owner and therefore able to enter into the sale. Most house purchases start with confirming that the seller has clear title to the property being sold. This requires that a title search be made in land records, a task that is best left to a property lawyer.

Post the settlement, the lawyer will then lodge the new Title Deed with your details as the new owner.

Summary – A Good Manukau Property Lawyer Is Worth Their Fee

Manukau property lawyersA good real estate lawyer is essential to have by your side when you are buying a property. They can give you advice prior to committing to a purchase. A lawyer can check that the property is legally owned by the vendor. The lawyer will also check any issues with the council and handle the financial transactions to complete he settlement. Finally, they will lodge the Title deed showing you are the new, verified owner.

A good Manukau property lawyer that can take care of these complex issue for you is McVeagh Fleming. You can find more details on their website at

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